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  • Drivers must use Grand Prix Legends version The use of the DiscoFix patch is strongly encouraged.

  • Championship races and most other league races will use bandwidth settings equivalent to 4 ahead and 2 behind. Drivers are required to download Bart Westra's BWpatch - place it in the GPL directory and make sure option 1 ("more cars patch") is applied.

  • The easiest way to get the required patches is to use the Grand Prix Legends Preservation Society installer. You can also download the basics from here.

  • Modification of the GPL executable and data files is only permitted if the modification does not give a performance advantage to the driver (compared to drivers using a copy of GPL without the modification) or the modification overcomes a bug in the original game (or add-on carset). The following modifications are not considered to give an unfair performance advantage and therefore can be used in UKGPL League races:

  • GPL Shift

    In order to use a H-Shifter with GPL (for example the Logitech G25 or G27 shifter) the executables must be modified using GPL Shift. Whilst the use of GPL Shift is permitted, recommendations on how it should be configured are here.

    Pit Stop Patch

    The Pit Stop Patch (v1.0 and v2.0), developed by Lee Bowden, allows refuelling during a race. There is also a custom patch (v2.02) which has been specially produced for UKGPL. Refuelling is not instantaneous and care is needed in order for a driver to come to rest exactly in their pit box. Consequently refuelling takes time and tends to offset any advantage gained in faster lap times due to a lighter fuel load. Whether or not a tangible advantage can be gained over a race distance will depend on many factors; car, track, race distance, lap refuelled etc. Sometimes using the patch will be quicker and sometimes it will be slower. Given that the Pit Stop Patch adds an interesting tactical element to the races (and a safety net in case a driver fails to add enough fuel to cover the race distance) without guaranteeing an advantage, the use of the patch is allowed in UKGPL League Races. Detailed information on the use of all the Pit Stop Patches is here. A guide with screenshots on the use of the UKGPL custom patch is here.

    Tyre Pressure Bug Fix Patch

    The Tyre Pressure Patch, developed by Lee Bowden, fixes a bug where the wrong optimum pressure is used when calculating tyre temperatures. With the patch enabled there is a more even temperature across the tyre which makes the car handle better. The patch also has the effect of reducing, but not eliminating, the "brake problem" experienced in the 1967 Sports Cars thereby facilitating a more predictable braking performance. The patch can easily be switched on and off using the options facility in GEM and consequently the use of the patch is allowed in UKGPL League Races.

  • Modifications that have only cosmetic effects are permitted.

  • Drivers are strongly discouraged from using traction or braking help as this severely compromises the car's performance and introduces a performance gap to unassisted cars which is both hazardous and not in keeping with UKGPL's aim of close racing.


  • Drivers must use the standard 1967 cars as supplied as part of GPL or an official add-on carset where decreed by the moderator.

  • Changing the performance or handling characteristics of any car, other than by means of the car setup, is forbidden.
  • Prohibited changes include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • changing an engine's power characteristics or weight
    • changing an engine's fuel consumption
    • changing which engine each car uses
    • changing a car's weight and weight distribution
    • changing a car's size
    • changing a car's basic suspension characteristics
    • changing the grip or temperature characteristics of the tyres
  • A driver may change a car's setup parameters outside of the range of values permitted by GPL 1.2's built-in setup editor using one of the publicly available setup tools such as GPL Race Engineer.


  • Modifying the graphics of a track is permitted without restriction. This includes the creation of additional brake markers.

  • Modification of the physical characteristics of the track is not permitted. Forbidden modifications include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • changing the layout of the track
    • changing any part of the track surface to alter its grip characteristics
    • removal or addition of trackside objects with which a car may come into contact
    • changing any parameters which may affect a car's performance and handling characteristics, for example track temperature or altitude

  • Where an add-on track is being used, if there are multiple versions of a track with different physical layouts, the race moderator will state which version must be used.
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