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Driver Championship

  • The scoring systems used vary from season to season. The scoring system in-use for a specific division is available via a hyperlink at the top of the championship table.

  • If a driver is disconnected during a race they are awarded points for the position that GPL shows in the server's race results.

Team Championship

  • A team may enter as many drivers in each event as it wishes. Teams must manage their own drivers using the Team Management page.

  • Team points are awarded to each driver who has entered on behalf of a team. The same scoring system as the Driver Championship is used. Privateers (drivers with no team affiliation) and drivers who have two or more team mates who finish higher than them are ignored when allocating team points.
    That is to say, only the top two drivers from a team score team points, and additional nominated drivers for that team do not take away points from nominated drivers of other teams.

  • A driver who moves between teams during a season does not take their team points with them.

  • In championship terms teams cannot merge or split. If two teams merge, all the drivers from the lower-scoring team should move to the higher-scoring team, leaving their points behind. A team cannot split, but some drivers may leave to form a new team, which will start with no points.
    Teams are discouraged from entering several "sub-teams", that is, splitting a large team into A and B teams.
  • A team is permitted to change its name.
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Billy Nobrakes (Black Night Racing)UKGPL Divisional Moderator
Cookie (Antipasti Racing)UKGPL Divisional Moderator
dave curtis (Black Night Racing, Team Straggler)UKGPL Server Provider
EvilClive (7Porsche7, Blue Moose Racing, Soggy Bottom Racers Club)UKGPL Senior Consultant
Phil Thornton (Antipasti Racing)UKGPL Consigliere
philippe GIRARD (Blue Moose Racing)UKGPL Divisional Moderator
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Turkey Machine UKGPL Assistant Divisional Moderator
Former Staff
Al Heller (Clark-Hill Racing)
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Geoff65 (Clark-Hill Racing)
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