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UKGPL Starter Kit

A Guide for New Members

Welcome to UKGPL

The first thing you will need to do is Register on our forums. Once you have registered, go to our New Drivers thread in the Announcements section which contains a guide to getting started and is the place to get help and advice when starting with UKGPL.


You will also need either an IRC client, or a copy of WinVROC or iGOR. We very rarely use VROC now, most of our races are hosted via iGOR. Before the races we normally meet in the UKGPL chatroom (the VROC and iGOR chat rooms are actually IRC channels on ShadowWorld).

If you only use IRC, you can still join the race server without WinVROC/iGOR by typing the IP address directly into GPL via the Multiplayer menu.

TeamSpeak is a proprietary voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) application that can be used to hold conversations between drivers whilst racing GPL. When used, a Teamspeak server will be provided by the race organiser but to use the system each driver will need to download and install the Teamspeak Client. Guidelines on how to use TeamSpeak with GPL are here.

Tuned hardware

At UKGPL we run all our races at 60 frames per second (fps). A patch is needed to enable GPL to run at 60fps, details on how to install the patch are available in the New Drivers thread. Make sure you can get a steady 60 fps when running GPL online (or as close as your hardware allows). If you get less, it will compromise the quality of your connection and will spoil the racing for both you and other competitors.

Tuned connection

Finally, you need a good quality connection. The central driving force behind the creation of UKGPL was the idea that by restricting the series to UK-based drivers and using a UK-based server, we could keep connection quality up and latency down to enjoy high quality racing, greatly reducing the warping and clock smashes which characterize GPL internet play. However with the faster connection speeds afforded by modern broadband facilites we can now welcome drivers worldwide but the race times will be best suited to UK based drivers.

Trouble Shooting

If after following all the guidelines in the New Drivers thread you are experiencing problems, there is help available from the other UKGPL Members via the forums. Typical areas where drivers experience problems and specific help is available are:

There are 3 ways on-line races end prematurely. It is important to make a note of exactly what happened, because the remedy in each case will be different:

  • Crash to Desktop (CTD) - GPL stops mid race, shuts down without prompting and the user is returned to the Operating System (desktop) not iGOR.
  • Screen Freeze - GPL stops mid race, the graphics appear frozen and the sound turns into a buzz that increases in volume and pitch. The only way to get out of this situation is to use Task Manager to kill GPL or to do a hardware reset (i.e power off the PC).
  • Disco - The client is disconnected from the server. GPL stops mid race and returns to the GPL Multiplayer menu. The user can then close GPL using the normal red button and the user is returned to iGOR.

To ensure the other members understand the issue fully, it would be helpful to provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Operating System
    • Windows 7/Windows 10/Linux
    • Last updates
    • Graphics Driver
  • GPL Installation
    • How installed? - Disk + 1.08 installer - Demo or disk + manual installed
    • HDD, SSD or external HD?
    • Rasterizer used?
  • Hardware
    • CPU @clocks
    • RAM type and GB
    • GPU name + driver
    • HDD/SSD size + age!
  • Problem
    • A description of the problem.

There are numerous utilities available that can be used to identify hardware issues. These include:

Recent Events
S40 Imola (1953-72)
S40 Monza (Full 10km)
S40 Spa (1947-78)
Forthcoming Events
Billy Nobrakes (Black Night Racing)UKGPL Divisional Moderator
Cookie (Antipasti Racing)UKGPL Divisional Moderator
dave curtis (Black Night Racing, Team Straggler)UKGPL Server Provider
EvilClive (7Porsche7, Blue Moose Racing, Soggy Bottom Racers Club)UKGPL Senior Consultant
Pete Bennett (TeamTobo)
Phil Thornton (Antipasti Racing)UKGPL Consigliere
Rainier (Equipe BGB)UKGPL Divisional Moderator
Former Staff
Al Heller (Clark-Hill Racing)
BadBlood (Blue Moose Racing, Team Straggler)
Ben "Welling" Summers (Phoenix Racing)
blito (Shadows)
Bully (Crash 'N' Burn Racing)
Dave 'Gizmo' Gymer (Team Shark)
Fred Basset (Legends Racing)
FullMetalGasket (Blue Moose Racing, Crank of Brothers)
G Jonsson (Black Night Racing)
Geoff65 (Clark-Hill Racing)
Jack O'Ferrall (Reed Racing)
john roberts (Clark-Hill Racing)
Kruger Enge (Soggy Bottom Racers Club)
miner2049er (Clark-Hill Racing)
Paul968 (Kerb Crawlers)
Philippe Girard (Soggy Bottom Racers Club)
Robert Fleurke (Antipasti Racing)
Ross Neilson (Clark-Hill Racing)
Samb (Black Night Racing)
Steve Smith
Syd Drake (Drake Racing, Soggy Bottom Racers Club)
Turkey Machine
vosblod (Clark-Hill Racing)
Walter Conn (REV)